Accelerating Digital Transformation with the Microsoft Power Platform

Nowadays, having tools capable of promoting digital transformation in your company while optimizing internal processes and activities is a vital part of your business development. The Microsoft Power Platform can be an excellent option since the solution brings with it an intuitive platform, with little or no code, which facilitates the creation of applications, reports, […]

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Effective Brainstorming: The Science Behind the Ideas

Including brainstorming within the stages of design thinking is an essential practice that generates effective results, since this is the only way to foster different ideas and opportunities, before refining and transforming them into solutions. In this post, we’ll go deeper into the concept of brainstorming, bringing all its aspects to better understand how it […]

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low code

Myths and Truths About Low-Code

Digital transformation has generated significant results for companies across all industries. Your business can also embrace it to dramatically increase efficiency, skills, and grow customer base and profit margins. However, the digital transformation boom is creating a shortage of programmers, who will be needed to implement new initiatives. To solve this problem, companies are increasingly […]

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Creativity in Companies: Learn How to Tap into Your Competitive Advantage

Creativity is an extremely important factor for businesses, since, among other things, creativity is responsible for making the company improve its method of operations and, consequently, reach a higher level. However, to become more creative, it is essential for leaders to be able to implement this culture of innovation within the corporate environment, influencing and […]

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3 Important Things to Consider When Implementing a Task, Team and Project Management Software

Some businesses have a false idea that simply choosing a project management software will ensure the success of all their endeavors. And while the use of software really does put you on the right track, there are some important points that must be considered for the system’s implementation to be successful and meet the company’s […]

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What is Gartner’s Market Guide for Innovation Management Tools?

Gartner is one of the world’s leading research and consulting companies. Its market insights, published annually through its Market Guide and Magic Quadrants, help companies choose the right vendor for their specific use case. More recently, Gartner has added a new area of ​​analysis to its market insights: Innovation Management. In its latest Market Guide […]

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How to Apply a Hybrid Management Model in Project Management

Nowadays, it is essential for companies to invest in project management methods that optimize processes, increase productivity, reduce costs, and bring better results to different areas. In this context, the hybrid management model can be an excellent option. This is because hybrid management combines traditional or predictive methodologies and tools with agile project management approaches in […]

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