What is Gartner’s Market Guide for Innovation Management Tools?

Gartner is one of the world’s leading research and consulting companies. Its market insights, published annually through its Market Guide and Magic Quadrants, help companies choose the right vendor for their specific use case. More recently, Gartner has added a new area of ​​analysis to its market insights: Innovation Management. In its latest Market Guide […]

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How an Ideation Program Benefits the Company’s Management in Times of Crisis

Innovation is a key pillar of successful businesses. It enables companies to face adversity by building strong relationships with their clients and meeting their needs. According to Deloitte’s research, 81% of digitally mature companies surveyed cite innovation as a strong point to their organization’s success. To promote growth, business leaders must invest in innovative strategies […]

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decision making in innovation

5 Important Factors for Decision Making in Innovation Management

There’s a small issue in decision making related to innovation management that managers seem not to consider enough: for an ideas campaign, although having the right tool is essential, it doesn’t guarantee successful results. Not every idea campaign generates great ideas and usually, this is not a failure of the tool, but of the process around it. To solve […]

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