Accelerating Digital Transformation with the Microsoft Power Platform

Nowadays, having tools capable of promoting digital transformation in your company while optimizing internal processes and activities is a vital part of your business development.

The Microsoft Power Platform can be an excellent option since the solution brings with it an intuitive platform, with little or no code, which facilitates the creation of applications, reports, and workflow automation in an efficient and flexible way.

But, before we detail how Microsoft Power Platform works, it is first necessary that you understand what digital transformation is and how it is essential in the corporate world.

What is Digital Transformation?

With the advent of the Internet, social dynamics have changed, changing the way businesses gain access to information and diverse sources of resources. Such changes have made traditional companies understand the importance of innovation in their internal processes, recognizing this as the only way to maintain resiliency and keep up with market evolution.

Given this scenario, we can say that digital transformation is a process of getting the best use of available technological resources and improving the internal procedures of a business. This involves improving the organizational culture, investing in people, equipment, and systems, making management more up-to-date, and following market trends.

But how do you apply digital transformation in practice? What needs to be done for this culture to be implemented in your company effectively? This is what we will explore more so keep reading.

How to Foster Digital Transformation within the Corporate Environment?

Now that you have learned what digital transformation is, check out 5 tips that will help you bring this concept to your company more quickly:

1. Do Some Planning

Initially, changes in a company’s culture take time, and digital transformation is no different. So before you embrace new technology and new ways of performing certain activities, do an in-depth analysis of market trends and establish a change management plan for your team to adapt to these new updates.

2. Examine the Processes

You also need to assess what the company’s current processes are and what changes it would undergo with digital transformation. Ideally, you should start by prioritizing the areas that need the most optimization and those that would bring the greatest return from innovation. Sales and marketing are some of the areas that deserve more visibility.

3. Take Care of the Organizational Culture

Taking care of the company’s organizational culture is critical to the success of digitalization initiatives since it will define whether all employees are following the new guidelines set by managers and are aligned with the values and philosophy of the business.

In summary, only by knowing the company from end-to-end will it be possible to succeed in the implementation of digital transformation. After all, for this to happen, it is necessary that everyone understands what needs to be improved and what can be maintained.

4. Keep Your Team Engaged

As a manager, one of your responsibilities is to keep your employees engaged and motivated to adopt new ways of working whenever necessary. In addition, encouraging a united environment, where teams can work together, contributes to the faster achievement of the set goals.

Finally, understand that actions say more than words. That is, instead of adopting speeches that stimulate the commitment of your employees, opt for attitudes capable of awakening this feeling in a natural way.

5. Make Investments in Technology

After the four points above, it is time to invest in the most appropriate technologies for the company. It is worth pointing out that, soon after choosing the software and technological devices responsible for taking the company to another digital level, it is necessary to keep employees and customers informed about these new features.

In this case, the work of communication, with relevant content, is very important to inform and engage the parties involved.

Digital Transformation Goes through the Microsoft Power Platform

The digital transformation needs to be carried out with patience and, above all, cannot be something complicated. So modern, easy-to-handle tools are extremely important in this context.

And that’s exactly why Microsoft Power Platform is the right choice for you who understand the benefits and relevance of digital transformation in your business and want to implement this culture without major complications.

The platform offers a set of easy-to-use tools (low code), allowing your team to create varied solutions and contribute directly to the scalability of your company.

Furthermore, Microsoft Power Platform was created with the intention of working together, adding management, security, and room for growth.

Let our Power Squads Help you with Microsoft Power Platform

Prosperi contributes to the adoption of the platform through Power Squads, which is nothing more than a group of specialized professionals who will always be at your disposal, developing solutions for your company according to each purpose and objective aligned, or guiding your team in the development of solutions through consulting.

This way, activities such as reports and dashboard generation through Power BI, process automation with Power Automate, application development using Power Apps, and the creation of interactive chatbots with Power Virtual Agents, can be the responsibility of our team, or of your internal team, with the guidance of our experts, developing solutions while training and transforming business analysts into powerful creators of low code, no code solutions.

Finally, here are some of the benefits of utilizing our Power Squads service:

  • You follow the project from start to finish, thus ensuring that the final product is in line with the initial scope.
  • It is a flexible investment that adapts to different realities, without losing focus on the results and value delivery of the final product.
  • We offer packages available to meet your needs, we are flexible to achieve your goals.
  • We have a large team of experts with expert knowledge of the Microsoft Power Platform technologies.

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