4 Ways to Identify Your Company’s Most Participative Employees

A company’s success is defined by a combination of factors but one of the most important of them all has to do with the level of participation of its employees.

Participative management seeks to integrate the expertise of its employees to improve decision-making in the company and generate creative ideas to solve the challenges of the organization. In other words, a participatory structure allows employees at all levels to positively impact the company’s operations and goals.

But it is not enough to just offer an environment that encourages participation and that provides the tools necessary for the team to create and implement the best ideas; it is necessary to know how to identify the most participative employees so that it becomes part of the company’s culture and driven by those who will inspire and lead.

Below is a compiled shortlist of ways to identify the most participatory employees in your organization.

1. What is the Employee’s Level of Dedication?

The most participatory and committed employees tend to be more focused on the purpose of the company and its business goals. As a dedicated employee, they will be committed to addressing issues and problems in a new way, allowing the company to perform its activities in the best way and optimize operations.

A dedicated employee can be identified through the following characteristics:

  • Passion for their work
  • A positive attitude towards their work
  • Punctual for work and business meetings
  • Offer flexibility when assigning tasks

A dedicated employee is not necessarily the most experienced; they are the one who, even without experience, is willing to learn what is necessary to do the job. They work with goals and seek to strengthen whatever skills are necessary for the company.

2. Does the Employee Show Confidence at Work?

Trust and participation must work together. Confident employees know how to better manage their own tasks and have the necessary skills to convince colleagues or managers of their innovative ideas.

The characteristics that a confident employee has include:

  • Listen more than they speak
  • Always looking for ways to improve
  • Not proud and know when to ask for help
  • Adapt quickly to a new function, task, or role

In general, confident employees accept work challenges more often. They are also always embarking on an immediate search for ways to overcome these challenges and be successful.

3. How Does the Employee Deal with Teamwork?

Teamwork is necessary for any work environment. For this, it is necessary that the employee has excellent communication skills, tolerance, patience, and dedication. By demonstrating strong teamwork skills, the employee can also exhibit a number of other desirable skills, which will be a positive addition to the current team.

Good team players are:

  • Flexible with change
  • Committed to their own success and the success of the team
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Innovative when solving problems
  • Supporters of their co-workers

Employee adaptability is important, especially for organizations that are highly dependent on teamwork. A collaborator who can adapt easily to different environments will find it easier to change roles or teams.

4. Does the Employee Have the Independence to Suggest Ideas?

The employee must know how to adapt quickly, but he also needs to be independent. Even in organizations that are strongly oriented towards their teams, the employees still need to have the autonomy necessary to carry out the activities alone and contribute with ideas and new solutions.

As an independent contributor, they must offer the following:

  • Focus
  • Resourcefulness
  • Time management skills
  • The ability to criticize and edit their own work

Bonus: Measuring the Most Participative Employees

You may find that the only way to measure who are the most participative employees in the company is through observation. However, as with almost everything in the modern workplace, it is also possible to automate this task.

Using a platform that allows you to map the entire life cycle of innovation in the company will help to identify the most participative employees in an objective and concrete way. Through this platform, it is possible to identify those who generate or contribute with promising ideas, support the development of new Business Cases, contribute to the selection and prioritization of proposals, manage the investment portfolio, in addition to evaluating indicators that show participation levels.

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